Exclusive: “I don’t really have a social life” -Rufai Saleem Mayowa ‘Roasted Amala’


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Rufai Saleem Mayowa, a prominent figure on social media mostly referred to as ‘Roasted Amala’ and can be called a social media influencer or a digital marketer as the case may be. He became a Google certified Digital Marketer in June 2019 after writing and passing the google online ‘fundamentals of digital marketing’ exams.

He graduated from Lagos State University, Nigeria in 2018 and has received a couple of awards and nominations over the years. As a student, he won the Lagos Entrepreneurship Students Award in the ‘Best use of social media’ category in 2016 while he was just in his second year as an undergraduate, and has been nominated for other awards as well, including the most recent edition of the Nigeria Hype Awards where he was nominated in the “Publicist of the year” category.

As of this moment, he has an audience of 62k followers on twitter, and over 111k followers on Instagram with over 2k Facebook friends !

Being a prominent figure on social media, we ran into him recently at Lagos State University where he came to meet with an anonymous individual whom he did not disclose, however, he was so nice to grant us a 5 minutes interview.

When our reporter asked how he manages to stay active and relevant on social media, he smiled and said in a calm way, “well, I’m more comfortable relating with people on the internet than in real life, so I think staying relevant and active on the internet or social media, however you’d call it, might be because I not really have a social life. I don’t really have friends”

We were rather shocked and really surprised, that a person whom the public probably expects to have a very active social life in real life as well said he doesn’t have one.

When he was asked what he meant by not having a social life he said laughing gently “are you surprised? Why do people get surprised whenever I say I don’t have social life? I’m always online on social media, so most times I don’t really relate with people around me, I relate more with people I meet from time to time on the internet. I’m more of an introvert really. I don’t like noise at all.”

Our reporter had to ask if he goes clubbing or swimming or what he likes to do in his free time and he responded with “clubbing ? No I don’t club, never been to a club, I’m not a club or party person. Swimming ? No really I’m mostly always indoor, except I have important places to go to. Apart from that, I don’t attend parties and all… I don’t even smoke or take alcohol. Even as an undergraduate, I didn’t really have any friends at all, I talked to everybody the same way and related with them equally without placing anybody over another person. The entire friends and best friends concept isn’t in my world. I just like to be alone in my comfort zone, where I’d be able to think very well, and friends most times are the Major way of getting influenced negatively or getting distracted.

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Our reporter asked inquisitively “don’t you get bored staying indoor every time ?” And he said “I hardly get bored, If I’m not on social media, then I’m most likely on YouTube learning a new skill or something, for instance, I just started learning how to develop mobile apps, just the front end only, so I literally take most of my time day and night watching tutorial videos on YouTube about how to go about it. If I’m not doing any of those, I’d most likely be strategizing or listening to rap music, preferably Eminem”

He went further smiling and added, in his words, “sleep is for people who have achieved their goals, it’s for the rich. Even at that, the rich don’t sleep anymore, cus they definitely would want to get richer. I’m not rich at all, so I have to try hard to work my way through, no matter how tough it might be, ‘God dey sha’”

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Apart from being a social media influencer/publicist , we learnt that Saleem is also a professional graphics artist and he only takes specific orders from people he wishes to work with. He’s also a front end developer in the programming world.

He stated that being a social media influencer, like most occupational activities, has its own bad days, like dealing and working around Instagram algorithms and trying not to lose your twitter and Instagram accounts, and other things he said in a funny way that we’re yet to understand.

It’s rather strange that we enjoyed relating with him, just within a time frame of 5 minutes, he was so nice and welcoming and he nearly did not stop smiling. How then did he become an introvert ?

We asked him how he became an introvert and if he’s okay with it, and he said “sure, why not ? I’m okay the way I am. Nobody really likes anybody these days, your friends aren’t really your friends, and I hate wasting my time doing pointless things. I could talk to you whenever you want but, we’d just be acquaintances, not friends. You asked why I became an introvert?” We responded with a yes and he said smiling “that’s a story for another day”

Saleem’s brand ‘Roasted Amala’ is a registered and certified brand under the Corporate Affairs Commission of Nigeria has worked with and for a lot of individuals, brands, and companies over the years. We would have asked how he came up with the brand name ‘Roasted Amala’ but he requested permission to get going when it was exactly 5 minutes. M


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